Monday, April 21, 2008

Lurkers Welcome

A friend of mine recently confessed in her blog that she is a Lurker--one who surfs other's blogs and sticks around on interesting ones, checking back often for new posts, savoring the lives of strangers, and often longing to comment, but never doing so for fear of frightening the other bloggers with the knowledge that compele strangers are savoring their lives. I just want to officially make clear that I would welcome such frightening comments, or lack of comments if you are a hard-core lurker unable to overcome your fear of offence. Lurk away. That's why I have a blog. If you are able to overcome your fear, please do comment on anything to which you feel so inclined. I am excited at the prospect of opening dialog with bloggers (and lurkers) as yet unknown to me. I also welcome comments from people who are known to me. Especially my friends. I like you guys.

Complete Thoughts and Other Things I Don't Promise

You may wonder why I ended my post when the baby fussed instead of saving it to finish at a later time. So do I. But that's what I did, and I never promised complete posts. Nor do I promise coherence. Nor do I promise consistend incoherence, as that can also be something one comes to expect. But it is now tomorrow morning, and I have already forgot most of what I thought I was going to continue saying about the last thing I said so I decided not to try to keep saying it. Perhaps I do promise inconsistency, but not consistent inconsistency (see "consistent incoherence," above). I really don't plan to spend most of my time meta-blogging (blogging about blogging--though I don't promise not to), but I always feel better about new types of conversations after establishing some sort of understanding about what the converstions type entails. I think... Sometimes I also ramble emphatically and then suddenly realize I don't actually care about things I was discribing as much as I just came across as doing. Sometimes I even realize I have been explaining and arguing for something I don't actually agree with. Anyway, something I do plan on doing is breaking up posts when I have multiple topics, so you, my dear reader, can know at a glance just how much I have to say on a given topic before deciding whether you want to read it (or at least how much I was able to get said before life inturrupted), but I don't promise.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogging for Unsuccess

I don't actually know what the guidelines for creating a successful blog are. Actually, I don't even know what a "successful blog" means. That was what turned me off of the idea in the first place. "If I were to have a blog," I thought, "The mere fact of having it would, I think, fulfill all my purpose in creating it" (i.e. to have somewhere to post my thoughts, to have a place that people could read about me if they want to, to have a dumping ground for my 4 bazillion digital photos, etc). but aparently, simply fulfilling the purpose of creation is not enough to constitute success. And now my baby is telling me she is ready for a nap. Metabloggical ramblings must cease for the time being. Ah, such is the blogging life of a young mother.