Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Screaming and shushing fits

Willow, when she is faced with something she does not want, in any form, has started screaming, "Ow, Ow, Ooooooowwwwww!" This happens when she gets something taken away, when she has to put on her diaper instead of continuing to sit on the potty she has never successfully used, when she is repremanded for hitting Samuel, when thinks you are going to put her to bed, all the time.

The cute thing she has started doing is hiding under a blanket, and when you join her there she will immediately put her finger to her lips and say, "Shhhh. Shhhh," continuously. It is very adorable. However, it does not prevent her from echoing the last words of whoever is looking for her. She hears, "Where is she?" and from under the blanket (or under the tablecloth) comes "issee?" or "Where did she go?" prompts, "Go?" What can I say, I think she is a genius at adorable.
When I was helping Neoma plan a bridal shower, we decided we couldn't imagine anything cuter than two little babies dressed like a bride and groom, and since we just happend to have a little girl baby and a little boy baby, we did it. I still don't have all the pictures on my computer, so you may get more later.
Then we took family pictures.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Echos and other yelling fits

Willow discovered echos yesterday. It came in the form of her yelling at the top of her lungs toward the exercise ball on a high shelf near our computer. The ball creates a strange tinny echo when spoken into or yelled at, and Willow has been fascinated by this. I don't think she has pinpointed the source of the sound, but she really enjoys yelling at the ceiling right now.
Another favorite yelling place is on the deck upstairs. There is a deck off the dining room and it has a couple of plastic patio chairs stacked in one corner. The babies have learned to open the sliding glass door and screen if they are not locked and love playing in the fallen leaves and occasional apple that is to be found out there. As there is no way off the deck we let them play out there with only audio supervision. The funniest thing is when I suddenly hear Willow bellowing wordlessly with a husky man-voice and worry that she is berating Sam for something, only to go check on them and find that she has clambered onto the patio chairs and is leaning against the railing calling out her dominance to the empty yard. I think she learned this from the bassett hound that used to live next door.
On another echoing note, Willow, in exercising and expanding her budding vocabulary, has started echoing the last word of most everyting I say to her. It is very adorable. And now it is half an hour past bed time. So I will stop being a blogger and go be a good mom.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Google Analytics

I remember a friend of mine talking about being able to see how many people visited her blog and where they were from and things like that. Knowing that she used the same blogging program as I did, I was at a loss as to how she did that. (I am not ashamed to add, I was also a little jealous.) Then the other day she brought it up again and I noted that she discussed it as Google Analytics, which I googled, and *ding* found exactly what she had been using. I hastened to set up my own account, and it has been running for about 1 week. I am very happy to report that 6 entirely discrete individuals have viewed this page in the last week, which means 5 of them were not me! This is very exciting, because I was a little bit worried that no one would ever look at it again since it has experienced a 2 1/2 month dearth of fresh posting.
And now you know and I know the secret pattern of my blogging style--extreme feast or famine. 3 or 5 posts in one day, and then nothing for months. I just like to keep you guessing, randomly rewarding the blog checking behavior. That's what makes gambling so addictive, isn't it?
This one I am a little embarassed to admit: On an Analytics report, it shows a world map with places highlighted in green from whence visitors visited. When I looked at it today, I got very excited to see Alaska highlighted as well as the contiguous states. I briefly wracked my brain to determine who might care about me in Alaska, and it wasn't even until sometime after I gave up on that that I suddenly realized that Alaska was highlighted simply because it is a part of the United States. The other states were not highlighted individually, so it was only counting by countries. Then I felt a little silly. But who knows? Maybe someone from Alaska did visit my blog. If you did, please comment and justify me.

My Baby is Sad

and I'm letting her cry. Normally this would not bother me, but today I am feeling like a bad mom. This is why:
I was just gone for the last 5 days as a councilor for our church's girls' camp. This is the first time Willow has not seen me for an entire day, let alone 5.
Her daddy is also out of town, so she was watched alternatly by her uncle and a stranger.
I promised myself that I would give her all the extra cuddling she needed over the next several days until she got back to normal in the not feeling abandoned department.
I never got around to putting her down for a nap this morning, therefore her overtiredness is entirely my fault.
I never put her down for a nap this afternoon and so she is still overtired and doesn't know whether she is supposed to be napping or sleeping for the night, and I don't either, so I am not sure how long to let her cry.
I want to be hanging out online instead of hanging out with her because I have not been able to contact my husband since I got home yesterday afternoon and this is my only method of communication with him.
Instead of doing anything about feeling like a bad mom, I am just telling the world about it.

Why I love and hate Abreva

So apparently I have herpes. Who knew. I've probably had it for a long time. I probably got it as a child from my mother. To clarify--I do mean oral herpes, i.e. cold sores, fever blisters, crusty lips of death, whatever you prefer to call them. Apparently herpes is often contracted as a child and remains dormant until adulthood. I am now officially an adult, because I had my first outbreak earlier this year. They have been frequent and ferocious. OK, the first one was ferocious, the others, though frequent, much less ferocious.
And I believe that is all thanks to a wonderful product called Abreva. I love it. I am assuming it is working because my outbreaks are much shorter (2-4 days instead of 12). I really mostly only love it. However, I do have a gripe against the company that makes it.
I misplaced my first tube of Abreva, which is smaller than a baby carrot stick. Although puny looking, it contains enough of the stuff to last for probably a year. As I felt another cold sore coming on and was unable to find it, I went to the store to buy a new tube. When I found it on the aisle, I saw not only the original tiny tube, but also a "new and improved pump-action" dispenser. This is roughly the size of a tube of chapstick--not quite as easy to lose. It contained the same amount of product as the tube and cost only 10 cents more. I debated the merits of this new option, and finally got it because it would be more difficult to misplace, and hey, it must be significantly better if it was new and more expensive (it was also on sale, or it would have been even more more expensive).
This is my gripe. There is nothing good about a pump-action dispenser. It takes several pumps to prime, and so you never know which pump it will actually start coming out on, and when it does come, one pump dispenses about 3 times as much as you need, and there is no way to put it back. It is just wasted. And mostly I hate that I fell for the "newer must be better" without having any problem with what I already had. I have finally mastered the "controlled pump," which is particularly difficult with this little thing, and can usually dispense a half-pump with reasonably consistent success.
Otherwise, I love it entirely. The End.