Monday, October 13, 2008

Stupid Things

Have you ever done something stupid, but realized that doing it probably just saved you doing something else stupid, just not immediately stupid and so you would have let yourself do it and only regreted it afterward? This is what I did today:

I needed to take a shower. I had just finished talking to my sister (who lives upstairs) and called up, "I'm going to take a shower now," collected my clothes, and headed to the bathroom. While there, getting ready for the shower, I opened the Reader's Digest that lives on the back of the toilet to entertain me. Somehow in the brief minutes it took me to be ready to actually step into the shower, I let myself slip from the mindset of, "I have lots to do, including washing my hair, so I am going to be quick and not soak in the tub," to "I think it would be OK if I just kept reading this article while I step into the tub and get the water to the right temperature and maybe sit down and warm up for a while before actually showering," which inevitably leads to an extended soak in the tub, occasionally accompanied by an impromptu and unintended nap, which accomplishes so much less refreshment than an official nap on the couch or in bed because my subconsious knows the whole time I must keep the most uncomfortable position in order to prevent total relaxation and hence, drowning. While I was just resigning myself to this fate because I am very weak when I am reading, I felt the water temperature coming out of the faucet and my hand involuntarily closed around the shower-diverting lever and pulled it. So there I was, standing under the shower head with a magazine in my hand and the shower curtain wide open as the water unexpectedly cascaded down from above me. I got the paper out of the way with only a few drops and the curtain closed before too much flooded the room and began to berate myself until I realized that at least that moment of supidity had saved me from the stupidity of an indolence induced soak and the attendant dissatisfaction with myself at the wasted time and lack of fulfilment occasioned by poor sleep and an inferior cleanliness (because I took all my time relaxing, I had none left to scrub...). LIfe's little quirks....

The other stupidity: I knew my sister had a couple of loads of laundry to do today and that she had put one in a little while earlier, but I thought that it had been long enough that it was probably washed and I could shower without sharing water (we have a rather feeble water heater). I also knew that my sister would be wanting to shower this afternoon because we had worked out together earlier and both of us had finally just put our babies down for a nap. However, I forged ahead. I love to stand under a torrent of scalding hot water and bask in the near burning of it as it heats me through to the point that I finally want to turn it off, so when the water temperature started to fade even though I had it turned straight-hot, I turned it off to give it a few minutes to re-charge before I continued. That was when I heard the shower on upstairs. Hmm. Perhaps I should have made sure Neoma actually heard me when I called up that I would be showering. A moment later I heard the washing machine in the garage start to agitate. Hmm. Perhaps I should have made sure that the load of laundry was actually done, too. Stupidity, stupidity. I chalked it all up to my own stupidity.

I finished the shower quickly (and unsatisfactorily--no hot water left to surfeit my craving). It was luck I did cut it short because I exited to bathroom to find Willow wailing lustily from her room where she had awakened (entirely to early, in my opinion) from her afternoon nap. Shortly after I got her up, Neoma came downstairs with dripping hair and I asked if she realized that we were showering at the same time. Her response was, "Yeah, um, so...I realized after I got in the shower that probably when you said, 'I'm getting in the shower now,' you really meant, 'Now would be a bad time for you to put in another load of laundry and get in the shower, too.'" It is nice to know I am not the only one in the family who suffers from temporary stupidity.

My future life

A couple friends of mine just posted their life plans (or at least one did and the other, in response, posted his male attempt at detailed life planning). In all fairness to him, I don't think detailed life planning is an exclusively female trait, or at least not a universal female trait. This is my life plan as of now:
1) Kevin comes home.
2) Kevin is officially hired by this new company so we don't have to wonder how long our savings will last anymore.
3) We live happily ever after.

I don't do detailed life plans very well, at least not that are very large in scope. I have ways I want specific events to occur, but they don't all entwine in one comprehensive whole. I was planning in deep detail my dream house for a while, really trying to design something that would practically meet all our needs and desires, for both of us, so that someday when we are rich, we would actually have the plan of what we wanted to build, but then during one of the discussions of design, Kevin decided that actually he would like to build a castle, and trying to design a modernly convenient and structurally sound castle with as much historical intergrity as possible (the only way I can justify the extravagence of a personal castle is if it is designed also as a teaching tool for the betterment of my community) while keeping it within the range of financial possibility entirely overwhelmed me. So I gave up.

The end.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Now an International Unsuccess!!!

So I was just looking at my google analytics, which I obsess over, even though it doesn't really tell me much different day to day and I never do anything different in response to the information it gives me, and noticed that on the "map overlay," which shows where people who view my blog are viewing it from, has 3 countries besides the united states highlighted (albeit in a very, very faint green). This is amazing. This is increadible. This is fantastic! Then I noted that each of the 3 (one from Canada, one from the UK, and one from Sweden), individually and collectively, had an average time on site of 0.0 seconds. Do you realize how significant this is? Not only am I now an internationally viewed blog, I am unsuccessfully internationally viewed blog! I am rising in the world!

And now to consumate the failure of this post, here is Willow unsuccessfully performing "Daddy's Homecoming":

I still haven't gotten her to stand still and do the actions for the camera yet. Now she just runs away for a good game whenever I turn it on. We are working on this one for when Daddy really does come home in a couple of weeks. (Enjoy the preview, Kevin!)

Hey, here's a question: If Kevin accesses my blog from off the coast of Trinidad, how come the Atlantic Ocean isn't highlighted? Maybe it knows he is secretly American....