Monday, November 10, 2008

Ok, I really am a Dork

Um, so, It's been a long time since I've posted, or visited my friends' blogs, so I've been busily reading for 3 hours. (I started at my bed time. Why? Because I'm a dork.) One friend had a lot of posts I hadn't read. So many that when I finally got back to the ones that I had read I had to check the comments to see if I had posted on it to make sure to myself that I had actually read it before. And then what do I do? I spend more time reading the posts that I made previously on her blog and thinking to myself, "Yeah. I really do like the way I write." Does anyone else do that? Not necessarily their own comments on other's blogs, but re-reading things they have written in the past that they stumble across that have absolutely no bearing on their current life just because they really like their own writing voice? I'm really not trying to brag, I have no idea what other people think of what I write, and it doesn't really matter (except that secretly I want everyone to like the way I write because I like it--that's why I wrote it that way--and so they should if they have good taste because obviously good taste=my taste). Basically I'm just wondering if I am the only dork out there who secretly revels in the perception of their own greatness but would never tell anyone else about it because that would be pride. Except now I am telling everyone else about it and I think the biggest dork that I am is that this is what I am writing about even after all the weeks of things that I have been writing in my head and meaning to post but not having gotten to. Maybe someday I will stop being so prideful and write because it might be interesting to others, not only to get an itchy thought out of my mind.