Sunday, May 10, 2009

I'm Back (and no, that's not Baaa-aaaack)

At least, I'm here for one post, right now. And it will be succinct, because I need to get something up here instead of agonizing about all that I don't have time to write just now or making it sound terribly exciting and perfect and something that I will re-read later and think, "Dang, I'm good!" (vis the last post).

Since November I have put on a Ward Christmas party (yes, I was called as the activities committee Chairperson in the beginning of November and told, "We would be having a Christmas party December 5th, now make it happen." That is what initially spurred my writing hiatus--guilt that if I wasn't all caught up on the things I should be doing for the Christmas party, then I shouldn't be wasting time blogging, even if whatever I was doing was not very constructive, either), had a baby (in Utah--which is a whole big series of posts all in itself, which I really had intended on writing while I was waiting for the baby down there, but Surprise! he came 2 days before his due date instead of 2 weeks after, which I was preparing myself for, and we ended up with a lot less waiting time than I had anticipated), paid taxes (using a tax professional for the first time, and catching a $190 mistake she made), made matching family Easter outfits,
spent discretionary income (we haven't had that in a while, but it is thanks to over-saving for taxes. Kevin bought a laptop and I bought Art), for the first time successfully motivated myself to consistently get up early even when I didn't have anything I needed to go to (though it's sort of petering out right now, I've got to find a way to re-commit), got chickens (OK, it was actually my sister who did that, and they are just babies right now, but since I live at her house, they count for my food storage--eggs--too), made bread and rhubarb jam (and if you don't like rhubarb, it's only because you haven't had this jam!), dug out the back fence (OK, I've actually just begun this one. An explanatory post will have to be forthcoming), and celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mother of two. And I'm not going to stay on here typing past my bed time!