Sunday, September 6, 2009

Willow's favorite song

So, Willow's favorite song is currently "Jesus Dying, the Wicked Mans Hit Him," or in other words "Oh Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown." This stems from her favorite story, which is currently "Jesus Dying, The Wicked Mans Hit Him with a Reed." Which all started with the events in the "Momma, tell me something" post. I would tell her stories about Jesus when she asked me to tell her about Jesus, but pretty soon the only one she wanted to hear was about when he died, then was resurrected and Mary Magdalene saw him. So she got in the habit of specifying, "Momma, tell me about Jesus Dying." Not wanting to emphasize the negative, I would try to gloss over the dying part to get to the resurrection. She would have none of this, so she refined her request to "Tell me about Jesus dying, the wicked mans hit him." After a while of telling her this story, she requested it during our scripture reading time, so I decided to look up the actual scriptures that portray it. It was there that I was reminded that what it actually says is that Jesus was scourged by Pilate, and the soldiers hit him on the head with a reed they had previously given him as a mock scepter. (I think it may also say the leaders of the Jews hit him as well, but we didn't read that mock trial part.) After reading this, Willow added that part to her request, "Tell me Jesus dying the wicked mans hit him with a reed." The desire for this story also tainted her requests for lullabies. I will often ask her what she wants me to sing, and she will choose, but she has been so fixated on this story that she asks me to sing it, too. Oh Savior, Thou Who Wearest a Crown was the only one I could think of that sort of told the story, and she still asks for it about every other night. I sing it to the tune of If You Could Hie to Kolob, because I don't remember how the melody actually goes.

She is actually pretty good at tellingh the story herself, at least the important parts. It usually goes something like this: "Jesus dying, the wicked mans hit him. After 3 days, Mary Magdalene cam to a tomb, a stone was rolled away, it was empty! A man came up to her, say 'woman, why weepest thou?' 'because I don't know Jesus' body is, you took it?' 'Yeah!' And then a man come up to her, it was Jesus! He alive again!"

I love my little girl so much!

Rhysie is growing!

Today Rhys climbed up a step! He's 7 months old. He sits up for long periods of time, but he usually falls over painfully afterward. He's still working on the dismount. He also army-crawls over to things and pulls himself onto his knees at them, then eventually falls over painfully because he doesn't know how to get down. Occasionally he has even pulled himself up onto his feet, but usually that is with a little help, except for the one time he did it while leaning over the fombag (like a luvsac), so he actually was up all the way, just mostly leaning against an enormous soft thing. He loves to eat paper and electrical cords. We don't usually mind the paper, we even sometimes leave junkmail on the floor for him to find, but we really have to watch him near walls.

On another topic entirely--Kevin is offshore. He has been for about 3 weeks. He should be coming home next week, but I won't believe anything until I see a flight itinerary (plans always have a way of changing suddenly with this company). I was able to video chat with him today, and we even had our Home Teachers over for a long-distance visit. It was pretty fun. How many of you brethren can say you have successfully home taught someone in another state?

Willow is also growing rapidly. She just started using a word that sounds like "cuh-bee" to preface explanations that she gives and it took me a while to figure out what it meant. It sounded at first like "could be," but I didn't think she had enough sense of probability to be trying to use that expression to let me know she was just making a guess as to something's cause, and it's not something that I use often enough that she would likely pick up it's use without any meaning attached to it. Finally I figured out she is trying to say "because." It's really funny. My favorite way to wake Willow up from a nap (she still takes nice, long ones, and I finally figured out I have to wake her up so she can sleep at night.) is to sneak into her room, but Rhys in her bed, and sneak out before she wakes up, then listen to her wake up because of his movement, find him, and exclaim, "Rhysie! You in my bed?!" Sometimes I will ask her how he got there, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't realize I put him there. My favorite explanation she gave was along the lines of "Cuh-bee he was crawling and he just 'ploomp!' (accompanied by hand flapping) in my bed."

And now I'm going to bed.