Friday, October 9, 2009

My Father's Legacy

My dad died about 6 years ago. That's just preface--this isn't a somber post. At that time I received my inheritance. Some people get property or trust funds or jewelry or furniture or a house. I got $5 and eyebrows. My David Andrew Crapo Memorial Eyebrows, to be exact.

I have always had eyebrows, and they've always been a little bushy, but since they were blonde, they've also never been overbearing. But about the same time my father passed away, I started getting eyebrows--that is, individual eyebrow hairs--that are longer and thicker and coarser and stick out however-the-heck they want to. I know some of my other siblings get these, and they had them before dad died (presumably because they are older and so had already grown into them). They do everything they can to eradicate these erratic wisps. But secretly, I like them. My dad got these same absurdly long individual hairs, so when ever I see mine, I think of him. Sometimes I do break down and pluck or trim them, but they always grow back, and I am glad.