Thursday, February 11, 2010

A very old post

I started posting this back in the beginning of February, and here it finally is.
Rhys' birthday!

We started out the day with ice cream for breakfast, but only for Rhys. I can't even remember now if the day we celebrated with family and cupcakes was before or after his actual birthday, but I know the ice cream was his actual birthday.

I love this little boy. It was his first chocolate, too.
That evening the cub scouts from our church group were having their pinewood derby. Neoma, being a cub scout leader, had to go, and Sam had been looking forward to going with her to it for so long, and she had also said she could take Willow, and we knew Willow would love it, so instead of tell the kids we would celebrate Rhys' birthday another day and do the pinewood derby that day, we actually told them that they were having a pinewood derby for Rhys's birthday, and we all went. The kids had fun watching the cars and A Good Time Was Had By All. You can see Kevin holding Rhys in the background of this picture.

Second Topic: Willow has a pet monkey. Her name is Faye. She is imaginary, but don't tell Willow that. Willow knows she is real. It's been really fun and funny to watch this stage unfold with Willow. For the first week they were inseparable. Now Faye just sort of comes and goes without constant thought. Sometimes Willow will not think about her for a while and suddenly remember her while we are out and about, often riding in the car. She will say something like, "Oh, my Faye Monkey is at home! jzoop. She jumped into my arm." and Faye will ride with her the rest of the way wherever we are going.

At one point Sam was poking or prodding, or sitting on Faye, or some such unplesant touching that Willow disapproved of and Sam insisted was happening just to annoy Willow (boy, does that kid know how to push her buttons!) This gave rise to the existence of "Faye Magic." I told Willow that no one could touch Faye if Willow didn't want them to because Faye was magic and their hands just slid right off of her if Willow didn't want them to touch her. I demonstrated by trying and not being able to touch Faye several times. Willow really liked this idea, and Faye has since aquired other Magical abilities calculated to my convenience. For example, Faye has magically strong arms that can hold on very tight and keep her safe in the car, even if we were to have an accident (so I don't have to stop the car halfway to our destination to buckle Faye in because we forgot when we first got in the car).

I don't know where Willow got the name from (although, when I first asked her what her pet monkey was named after it had shown up the day before, she said "Fane," but I think she forgot exactly what she told me the first time, and it has been Faye ever since.) Faye is my mother's name, so it's a little funny. Although whenever I say it, and especially when I am thinking of her magical abilities, I am usually thinking "Fae," as in Fairy. I love to watch my little girl's budding imagination.