Monday, April 12, 2010

April Fool's Day Cake

I had a bit of a struggle on April Fools day finding Foolish food that was somewhat healthy. There were tons of ideas for desserts that looked like dinner foods, but hardly anything that was dinner foods that looked like anything else. Except for one idea we found in the Family Fun magazine--"cupcakes" that were actually meatloaf with pink or blue-tinted mashed potato frosting. I decided to adapt this idea and viola! April Fool's Dinner:
I told the kids that since it was April Fool's day we were going to be silly and have cake for dinner! With ice cream and chocolate sauce! And we had special drinks.

The ice cream carton is full of mashed potatoes. The meatloaf "cake" had peas and a little bit of mashed potatoes between the layers and was covered in green-tinted cheese sauce. The drink is lemon jello set up in the glasses with a straw in it. The chocolate sauce is condensed tomato soup for a gravy for the meatloaf that I put a ton of food coloring into. At first Willow was really excited, and then she was just confused by what it tasted like until we let her in on the joke. Then we couldn't keep her from telling everyone over and over about it.
I think it was an over-all success, and I was very pleased with my extreme originality until a few days later when Kevin and I found this post while perusing Cakewrecks. Is there nothing new under the sun? Sigh.
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My Trouble

A truer shirt was never worn.

(It says "here comes trouble" in case you can't read it.)

Thanks Aunt Lisa and Aunt Char for the super-cute outfits! I'll post one of Willow when I get one taken.
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"No, I am too big for my bed!"

Ever since Willow was allowed to sleep on Sam's bunk bed for a slumber party, she has protested and complained that she is too big for her toddler bed, and so she needs to have a bunk bed, too. We actually have a bunk bed in the garage to put up at some point, but I don't tell her that, because I'm not ready to put it up yet, and we don't have matresses for it.

So today she had been playing in the laundry baskets after lunch while I did some chores before putting her down for a nap. By the time I realized she had been very quiet for quite a while and was starting to wonder whether she had put herself down for a nap I found her like this:

I called Neoma over to see her and her first comment was, "This is the girl who's bed is too small for her? But the laundry basket isn't. Riiiiiight" My first comment was "At least if she wet herself (which often happens as she falls asleep) it will be contained." Willow's first comment as I picked her up to check her pants and then put her in bed was a groggy, "I'm already poopy." Oh yes, yes she was. sigh.
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Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Dancing Boy

Rhys is developing quite a sense of rhythm.

This video was taken on Feb. 8, 12 months old.

No, we did not add the music later (that was my mom's first question when she saw the video). I love him.