Saturday, July 24, 2010

I think God loves me

I had a good birthday. I didn't really have much planned for the day. I have a new game that Kevin got me for my birthday and let me open before he left Sunday night. I've been looking for this game since my freshman year of college, so I am very excited. It is called "Once Upon a Time" (reviews) and it is a story-telling card game. I vaguely wanted people to come play it with me after my kids were in bed, but I never got around to calling people about it. One friend of mine gave me a call a few days ago about something unrelated, so I invited her and her husband (Kevin # 2). They said they would be here at 8. Yay! Someone to play with me! Yesterday my sister called to ask what I was doing today because she had to come to the area and was wanting to stop by with her kids. I told her about my evening plans, but that I didn't have much else planned during the day so I would love to have them over. Yay! Playmates! Then last night while I was on Facebook a friend IMed me and noticed that tomorrow was my birthday and asked when the party was (for a joke). So I told him to come after 8 (so other people would be here when he came) and he said he'd be here (Kevin # 3). Yay! More people to play!

In the morning I wanted to give myself the birthday present of eating entirely too much chocolate all day long, but instead, my better self convinced me to give myself the birthday present of doing a good work, so I made an hours' worth of phone calls to begin to fulfill the last of my pre-camp YW Camp responsibilities. The feel-goodness of having that done has stuck with me so much longer than the feeling-goodness of eating chocolate would have (especially since the over-chocolate feeling-goodness would have almost immediately transferred into sick-to-my-stomach and sick-to-my-self-control-regulator-ness). In fact, I still feel good about the work I did this morning/early afternoon.

My sister came in the afternoon and her wonderful kids ran amok in my house and entertained my kids who didn't get naps and generally had a familial festival of fun and frolic while I played Once Upon a Time with my sister and the bigger kids. They loved it, too. Then when it came time for dinner, my sister decided I shouldn't have to make my own so she went to Costco to get a chicken and a pizza and told her husband to come here after work instead of go home. Yay! No cooking! While she was gone to Costco, another friend showed up to visit. I had wanted to invite him over for my birthday, but hadn't because he is a single guy and it's just a little awkward seeking him out when I'm the only adult around and my husband is out of town. But since the house was over-run with crazy children I let him in. :) He was an awesome help in corralling the kids and getting the side dishes of dinner ready and just all around great fun to visit with and he stayed to eat with us, too (Kevin # 4). Then my sister's husband got here and my sister came back not too soon after and we had a wonderful dinner on paper plates.

After dinner my sister took charge of one of my children to put him to bed and the boys upstairs did the dishes and generally cleaned up. The sister and her family lingered until my married friends showed up and then they went home themselves. We played and Kevin #3 came and we played more. We also played "Ticket to Ride" (me for the first time, the rest of them as regular players of the game) and I totally won. It was awesome! Yay! Oh, my sister also got me cheesecake! Yay!

Oh, what a Yay of a day I had! In so many ways things that I didn't even know I was wanting or didn't know how to ask for fell right into my lap. The Lord has very tenderly taken care of me today. And am so grateful that I want to cry (or maybe it's just menstrual hormones at 1:30 am that is making that). In any case, I love the Lord. Even though I miss my own Kevin who will always be # 1.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mr. Self Sufficiency #2

My son is sitting next to me eating Willow-gnawed apple slices that he found on the floor. He just finished a chunk of grilled cheese sandwich Benji dropped at lunch. And my thoughts as I sit here by him and allow it are, "Cool. Now I don't have to find him a snack."

I started out my motherhood career having heard all the stories about how you treat first children vs. second children vs. third and fourth, and so on. For example, from the Girlfriend's guide to Pregnancy and Motherhood: With the first, the binky drops on the floor and you sterilize it in boiling water before giving back to your child. With the second, you wash it with water before giving it back. For the third, you suck it off yourself before popping it in her mouth. The fourth is lucky to wrestle it away from the dog and get it himself. I have always been pretty relaxed when it comes to parenting. I believe that dirt is good for a child, that most germs won't kill, and bruises are a healthy part of childhood. I started out with my first child at about #3 on the girlfriend's guide scale, and since everyone knows #4 is a joke, I was pretty much the extreme. I would suck off Willow's binky, but it quickly converted to a quick visual scan for dirt and hair which I would pick off, and otherwise just popping it back in raw. (I got tired of the dirt and hair in my own mouth--yuck!) A fall on the bathroom floor would merit a water-wash, and still does for me.

So I thought I had started out at the bottom already. I guess I was wrong. Start praying for child # 3, whenever that one comes.