Sunday, August 21, 2011

Learning to Crawl

It's tough learning to crawl with so many big kids around. Or maybe so many big kids around while you're learning to crawl makes you tough.

Either way, he's getting it. (I like how his hind end overtook his fore end for a while there.) To see him really crawling, see this post on my sister's blog (it's her son) of a video that was taken a few days later.

Rhys' New Hobby

Apparently Rhys has taken up cross country skiing at bedtime.

How can I make this cuteness go to sleep?
(Don't worry. I did it.)

Meanwhile, Willow made sunshines on the magnadoodle.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Prayer for Priorities

What wouldst Thou have me do today?
What wouldst Thou have me know?
Who wouldst Thou have me serve today?
Where wouldst Thou have me go?
I am willing and wanting to do Thy will,
I am eager Thy children to bless,
But sometimes in the rush of my busy day,
Thy service gets lost in the mess.
Help me to focus and help me to hear.
Help me to open my heart.
Help me to attend to, all the day through,
What I asked to know from the start.
What wouldst Thou have me do today?
From my Chaos I beg this request:
What part is paramount for me right now?
What needs my thought and my story right now?
What in my life is ignorable now?
How can I serve the best?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

In My Own Back Yard

OK, it was really my neighbor's back yard, but the picture was taken from mine. It's closer than it seems because the camera on my iPod isn't very good at distances.

P.S. It's a bald eagle, by the way, and maybe if my sister is so enamored with the photos her husband took of it, she'll should post some on her blog.