Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Decorating Magic

Do you notice the magic in this photo?

I know the picture's kind of blurry, but if you look closely, you will see all of the hanging loops for the stockings are falling forward limply.  this is because they are not holding them up.  In fact, the stockings are not hanging from anything.  They are fuzzy enough that if I pressed them up against the rough brickwork, they just stuck.  Pretty cool, huh?

Non-Hypopregniatic Confessions (In other words, no pictures, but lots of typing)

I don't think "guilty pleasure" is quite the right term but I can't think of a better one right now.  But this is a confession:  I'm hooked on Asian romantic dramas.  Especially if they have subtitles.  Subtitles make me feel high-brow and cultural, even if the content is ridiculous.

When I first started this post, it was going to be purely about anime series depicting High School romance.  This was a double guilt, because not only is it frivolous, but I also disapprove of High School romances in general, and try to avoid them in English when I can. But somehow the subtitles seduce me into reasoning that they must be more mature.  After all, they are speaking a foreign language!

Since initiating this post, I have also found myself sucked in to Korean dramas on Hulu.  Oh, Hulu!  You are my blessing and my curse!  Somehow I think I rationalize that since they take place in a different country that speaks a different language, then indulging in them is actually a cultural experience, and I am learning about people from around the world.  In all reality I am probably learning about as much as someone would learn about the realities of life in the US by watching daytime TV.  One thing that I do like is that the culture that is portrayed is one that values morality.  Though some of the shows I have seen have used a child born out of wedlock as a plot device, it is treated as the anomaly it should be.  9 times out of 10 the climax of a romantic moment is a hug, rather than a kiss, and quite often in a public place.  I really appreciate the underlying assumption of a standard of morality that is more in line with my own.  That is rarely if ever the case for modern American romances.  Some of the plots, if you try to sum up all 50 episodes in a few paragraphs, come across sounding like a soap opera--children switched at birth, near fatal accidents, amnesia, faked deaths, secret biological relationships (an unknown father, brother, or child).  I've since learned that they actually have a word in Korean that means just that--makjang--a dramatic plot device that seems contrived and absurd by the standards of reality.  But the very absurdity is somehow comforting to me.  Of course the ridiculously handsome, arrogant, spoiled rich boy has a friend who has to work hard to earn a living while trying to go to school and dodge the debt collectors who are after his gambling-addict father that he hasn't seen in two years.  Wait, haven't I heard that be fore?  No, that was the other gambling-addict father with debt collectors harassing his children who has been missing for 2 years who just happened to show up back at home just days before his daughter begins to suspect that she might have been switched with a rich girl at birth (she was--meaning she was actually supposed to be the rich girl).

One thing that they consistently do to me (by they I mean the Korean dramas I have seen and also the one Chinese romantic comedy-drama) is paint out characters in situations where you don't even know which of the guys you want the girl to end up with until the very end (it's usually one girl and a question of guys in my experience so far).  They just give you such good reasons for each of them, and you just die to see how it resolves in the end to make everyone come out with a happy match.  It's sort of Jane Austen like in that.  Maybe that's also why I love them.

Maybe someday I'll loop back around to the Japanese High School Romance Anime that I was enamored with before and I can expound upon their beloved vices, but right now all my free watching time and so my self-evaluation and sophistry is consumed with Korean Drama.  That's not such a bad indulgence, is it?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quiet time

I went to check on the kids having quiet time in their bedroom to find Rhys clad thusly:
He told me he had to take his shirt off so he could put that purple dress on.  As it was made for a 9 month old Willow, it only fit around his neck.  I might consider beginning to question our treatment of gender roles in our family if I wasn't absolutely certain that, if questioned, Rhys would say something like the flower headband "shoots guns out" and the plastic shoe "is for killing."

Friday, December 23, 2011

Advanced Family Yoga

I tried to get Rhys to join the egg stack, but he was afraid of trying to balance on Willow's back.  But they were still pretty darn cute.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Neoma's Cute Snack

Neoma made these turkey sandwiches for November's DUP meeting.  And she said she filled her cute-making quota for the year with Peter!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our New Door

It makes cool pictures.