Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Waco Gets the Blues

Have you ever seen one of these?

I only ever saw one (OK, three) in this movie:
In the beginning of the movie, the title character retires from his job in a mine.  He and the two others retiring at the same time each recieve one of those as a gift.
In this scene, after the man on the left turns his on, Schultze, center, says, "Schoen" (pretty).  The man on the right then picks a flake off with his fingernail, tastes it, and says, "Salzig" (salty).  That scene made me laugh so hard that I have always remembered it.  

So imagine my surprise and delight when we entered the home of an old family friend of Kevin's in Waco, TX, and there on the entry way table, was a rock salt lamp, all lit up, schoen and salzig.  I refrained from tasting it.  
This wonderful widower was immensely generous, giving us pretty much free reign of his house, catching Kevin up on the lives of his children that Kevin knew, offering driving advice, and giving the children each their very own keychain from the university where he teaches.  

By the time we said goodbye the next morning, the children had adopted him as another grandpa.

Thank you, thank you for reminding Kevin why he misses Texas hospitality and a for a first-hand glimpse at what is in my mind an icon of German cinema:
Shultze would be proud.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Mexico?

But not a white as New Mexico was.  After leaving Utah, on the evening of the 22nd, we spent the night in Santa Fe.  There was snow on the ground when we got there, and we woke up to more snow falling.  Many of the highways, including the one we needed to take, were closed.  So we took the road that was open, even though it wasn't going quite the right way.  This is what the surrounding areal looked like:

We stayed on the interstate through Albuquerque and then the interstate was closed, too.  We took the road that was open--winding through the middle of the state--and kept checking back on the road closure site to see what road we could take next.  This way we finally made it from Santa Fe to Roswell--winding through the middle of the state.  What should have taken us 3 1/2 hours took from 9 am to 5:00 pm.  The snow was falling thick in Roswell and we skedaddled out of town after a quick dinner and kept driving, trying to get ahead of the storm, until we had to stop for a rest.  The Lord surely blessed us to find a way to push through.

Proof of Our Trip

Like I said, during the first part of our trip, I forgot to take many pictures.  Here is the first proof that we are not at home that I have (though we had already been gone for a week and driven through Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah).  This was the first state we were in on our trip to which I had never before been.
This was taken on December 22nd.  Mostly the color was white.


So, we're not home.  (Don't come rob our house, though, I keep very vicious guard Goulds there while we are away.)

The initial impetus for our trip was Kevin's younger brother Michael's wedding on December 20th in Salt Lake City.  We left for it on the 15th.  We stayed with Kevin's sisters in Provo, as did his parents, Michael, and his older brother and his wife.  It was a two bedroom house with a living room, dining room, and small kitchen.  And one bathroom.  Yeah.  That was squishy.  But also very fun.  

While we were there, we found a little bit of time to visit with some of my family and some old college friends.  I am not very good at remembering to take pictures to remind us of events, so I don't have any of my , but I did manage to whip out my iPod to capture this moment:

I call it "Chinese Peasant on a Horse"

You can't tell very well from the photo, but he is holding on to the reigns and squeezing his thighs together to hold the horse.  He wouldn't hold still long enough to get a better picture

Stay tuned for further updates on our trip.  

Window Art Wrecks

I wish there were a Cake Wrecks-style website I could submit this to. I think her name is "Quasimodo-Bell."
(from a gas station probably in Idaho)