Monday, March 25, 2013


The baby threw up at the dinner table.  I asked the older 3 (8, 6, and 4) to look after things while I rinsed her off in the bathtub.  I am gone no more than 5 minutes--it was a quick rinse and there was not much mess.  I come down to find all 3 older children have their bowls full of food thrown against the wall and covering the floor.  They try to blame the 2 year old, who is the only one sitting with his bowl intact, still eating, on the other side of the table.  I don't think so.

They clean up the floor then get sent away.  I am too mad not to do something unwarrented to them if I have to continue to look at them.  The baby only wants me to stand up and hold her.  I don't think she's sick, I think she coughed herself a little throw up, but she doesn't want to eat, she doesn't want milk, and she doesn't want me to sit down.  She gets to cry on the floor.  The 2 year old, too distracted to eat anymore, tries to follow the big kids upstairs, but the gate is shut.  Unfortunately, a piece that secures it in place went missing earlier today and when he climbs on it, it falls over on top of him.  He cries.  I comfort him and chastise him--he knows better than to climb on it.  Then I still don't let him upstairs.  He gets to cry on the floor.  

Eventually the big kids take the fallen down gate as justification to come downstairs and report it to me.  I send them back up and don't care when the 2 year old follows them.  The baby doesn't want to be comforted, she just wants to cry.  So she goes to her room, too.  Then I hear reports that the 4 year old has the missing piece from the gate (that I have been looking for and have already interrogated the children for) and is hitting people with it.  He gets scolded and I get the piece.  Everyone is sent to their rooms.  There is crying.  I sit.  I blog.  I pretend I am not alone.